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I get rather a lot of e-mail these days.

As a member of several mailing lists, it can get rather hard to keep track of the flow of conversation if the mail client doesn’t really support it, as is the case with Mozilla Thunderbird.

While Thunderbird does include a ‘conversation view’ it doesn’t really work properly with GMail IMAP accounts, and tends to duplicate messages in the list making the thread unreadable.

Alternatively, there is the collapsed ‘thread view’ which shows a summary of the messages with a given subject line. ¬†While this is good for short threads, it does get slightly useless for longer replies. ¬†Futhermore, Thunderbird does not show your replies in this view, relying on the replies from other users to include your text in the conversation!

As a result of looking for a solution to another problem, I stumbled upon this the GMail Conversation View plugin for Thunderbird which has completely fixed the problems of ‘thread view’ for me, allowing messages to be expanded out and viewed in full in the thread list, and contains my sent messages along with the received ones!

Get it! It’s good!

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