Calendar Arc Watch Face

Watch face showing an 'Example Meeting' event

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I’ve owned a Moto360 for a while, and was slightly disappointed that there were no watch faces that adequately displayed what my calendar looked like for the day, so, having written a couple of minor apps for Android in the past, set to writing a new watch face which would show all events, from all my calendars (I have 11!) and present them in a visually pleasing way.

Customizable stock imagery is awesome!

Customizable stock imagery is awesome!

Events are drawn in arcs around the ‘tics’ along the outer edge of the watch. Semi-obviously, as a Moto360 owner, I designed this to look best on a round watch face, but it looks ‘acceptable’ on a square one too.


Fairly sparse at the moment, but it works!


At the moment, the number of options for the user to customise the look of the watch are limited, but I wanted to get the app out there so people could get and review it – there’s not much point in implementing features if people don’t want what you’re selling anyway!

For now, only the calendars to show can be changed (the arc colours are from the events in the calendar), and you can force a manual sync, but planned thus far are:

  • Tics on/off, for watches like the G Watch R which have physical tics
  • ‘Full Screen Mode’, for watches like the G Watch R which have physical tics
  • Shadows on/off
  • Inverted Mode – for OLED displays where bright pixels are both battery-expensive and can lead to burn-in.
  • Date settings – none/day/month/year/weekday/etc. formatting options.
  • Battery levels – for both watch and phone, if I can figure out a nice way of fitting it in this style.
  • Calendar event arc styles – thickness, end-caps, active/pending, etc.

If any of this lot takes your fancy, or if you just want to have a go with the app as it stands now, see the Calendar Arc Watch Face page on the Google Play store.

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