3D Printed Parts

Charge Cover Release Lever for My Nissan Leaf

My car - a Nissan Leaf (2011) - is known for the plastic of the charge cover release lever being particularly brittle; apparently Nissan have fixed this in the newer cars, but in mine, it eventually broke off in my hand (ouch...) and needed replacing.

Nissan offers the entire cable assembly as a replacement for a sizeable sum, so rather than do that, I did a little digging online and found this on Thingiverse: Nissan LEAF 2011-2012 charge port release by JNissi.

In my ignorance, I initially assumed that the part would be the same everywhere, but JNissi's part was for a left-hand-drive car in the US, and naturally, Nissan have mirrored the parts for the right-hand-drive version sold in the UK, so my initial print didn't fit.

I mirrored the part using OpenSCAD, then printed again, and the result was this!

A few coats of paint later, and we have this! Good as new!

I've been using this one ever since, and it is much more robust than the old one. I don't even think about it being a custom part.

If anyone has access to a transparent sticker printer, I'd pay for a good one-off replacement icon for the lever :)