JaOS Development

JaOS (Just another Operating System) is my attempt at an exokernel type operating system.

It’s focus is about 80% ‘hobby’ and 20% ‘research’ at the moment, but I intend to implement various features I research in the course of my PhD into JaOS’s source.

Currently in first stages of development, the ‘Monogon‘ edition is capable of running static-memory routines, accept user input in the form of typed commands (albeit basic ones) and display the results on a standard BIOS-mode console, as shown below:

JaOS, now available in color mode!

I ran my git repository through gource to produce the following:


Further work has resulted in both a kernel memory manager, userspace memory manager (Based around Steven Wattam’s ‘Anamnesis’, a pooling memory manager), and a SYSFS-like RAM-based file system for addressing devices in the cluster.

JaOS showing its sysfs-like RAM file system

JaOS showing its sysfs-like RAM file system

Note that I say ‘cluster’ here, that is to say that the extent of the system is not limited to a single processing device.

JaOS, booting on my netbook in QEMU:

JaOS, Booting in QEMU

Further Information

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