The Kitten Cameras!

Update: The camera’s are offline indefinitely – I’ll replace them with pictures of the kittens as they grew up soon, see This Post for details.
Thanks to the many, many of you who visited this page! – John.

Old Note: The cameras may go down with no notice, either because the software has crashed, or we just want privacy for a bit – I’ve put these up so we can monitor the kittens, but other people were sufficiently interested to see what was going on so I’ve hooked them up to the ‘net.

Update: Moved and updated the cameras, but both are now on WiFi, so *may* not be able to take the load, we’ll see…

Update: Back on wired, and now only one rPi is driving both cameras, works better this way.

Very recently, the cat we had “adopted” (read: “who had adopted us”) gave birth two three tiny kittens, and one not-so-tiny kitten.

Because various people wanted to see photos or videos of the kittens, I’ve put up the Kitten Camera so all can see them pseudo-live (there’s a delay of a few seconds or so).

For those interested, the hardware used is:

  • A Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux for ARM
  • A Microsoft VX-800 ‘Life Cam’ (x2)
  • One 4G SD Card
  • 2 Devolo Ethernet-over-power adapters
  • A fairly beefy phone charger to power the lot

I intended to use the official Raspberry Pi camera to do this with multiple Pi’s, but ParcelForce failed to deliver them in time, so the vx-800 will have to do until the better cameras are delivered.
Update: Cameras arrived, but the Pi camera comes up as an “mmal” device, rather than a v4l device, and the support for camera streaming like this is sketchy at best (at the time of writing) so I’ve just picked up another ‘Life Cam’ because they’re cheap (cheaper than the Pi Camera!) and hooked that up for the foreseeable future.

The cameras are only known to work reliably on Firefox and Chrome (or Chromium), so if you’re having issues, try those.

Links under each camera go to a page with just that view, if you have bandwidth concerns (or just want the kittens without the website boilerplate)


Beyond The Kitten Box- LIVE!


Kitten Box – LIVE!

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