Initial Speed Tests

To benchmark the existing system, I set two iMote2’s up, one as a ‘Ping’ mote and the other as a ‘Pong’ mote.

The Ping mote was set to transmit as-fast-as-it-could to the point of crashing the device due to a stack overflow. While this is impractical for a live setup, it did show the absolute maximum speed.

The Pong mote was set up to send ACK messages for any packets it received, and count the number of valid packets; reporting the number once a second.

The 28 byte (stock) ping test results.

The graph above shows the results of the stock setup, with no modifications to the TinyOS AMStandard module or the CC2420 drivers

The areas marked in red are the transmitting ‘mote crashing out, and thus sending 0 messages.

The 28 byte ping test results with a high-speed clock and bus setting.

This graph shows the results of an increased clock and bus speed on the throughput.

Interestingly, only a minor increase in throughput is observed (~200B/s)

This graph is purely for visual comparison of the two clock speeds.

Both ping tests on the same graph.

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