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OS Development

I’m working on a hobby OS to keep my C skills sharp, I’ll document stuff about it here when I remember


So far, I have a bootable kernel, with ISRs, IRQs, working, no memory manager yet, and no multitasking!

Grub on my bootable ISO

Grub on my bootable ISO

Useful LaTeX

Some snippets of LaTeX that I have used at some point or another, and may be useful to anyone else.

Package: hyperref

Simply including this package will make your table of contents have clickable links to pages in the document.

Package: todonotes

This package was an absolute life saver during my dissertation.

It provides the use of todo{} tags, which place a marker on the page with a virtual ‘sticky note’ showing your to-do item text, and also provides a listoftodos command, which creates a list of all your to-do notes.

Furthermore, with the hyperref package included in your document, the to-do item list will have links to their respective pages!


% ========================= %
% ==== REMOVE ON FINAL ==== %
% ==== REMOVE ON FINAL ==== %
% ========================= %

Text text, texty text…
todo{This is a to-do note!}%
Stuff stuffs… list of stuff.

todo{This is another one!}%

Shorter List Style

The default list style in latex I found to be excessively spacious, and in any list heavy sections, the page numbers started to rack up!

To remedy this, I defined a new environment for a thinner list style

% This makes list spacing much better.

item Item one
item Item two
item …
item Further items

Package: makerobust

During the course of writing my dissertation, I came across the problem of not being able to put url{} commands inside a footnote{} command, this is due to the way latex handles URLs, as the command is not considered to be ‘robust’.

Long story short, I searched around, and found the ‘makerobust’ package, which wraps non-robust commands in a robust frame, making them robust, as can be seen in the snippet below


% Make the damn url command work in caption’s

Package: listings

I’m a computer scientist, so having code listings in a document is par for the course. To support this, I used the ‘listings’ package to nicely format my code.


% Magic listing style!
lstset{basicstyle=tiny, tabsize=1, numbers=left}

The lstset{} command in the snippet above sets the basic style for code listings – I had a few large sections of code to include, so I set the font to tiny and a tab size of 1 space. You may wish to edit this to suit.

The full manual for the package can be found here:’s copy of the listings manual

Package: pdflscape, pdfpages

My gantt charts for the dissertation were generated from Microsoft Project (The best I could get at the time! No hate mail plase!) in PDF format, so to include them in the Appendix, I used pdflscape.

This is nothing particularly spectacular, but I’m putting it here in case someone else stumbles upon it.



Note that you can include specific pages with the optional ‘pages’ argument.