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New Broadband – Revisited

A short while back, I posted about using A&A (Andrews & Arnold Ltd) as my broadband ISP, and said I would report back to say how things went.

I’m pleased to report this (bearing in mind this is just an ADSL2+ connection, on normal copper hung on poles…) Results for A&A, 7.02Mb/s down, 0.75Mb/s up

Results from running on the A&A connection

And this!

What my router reports the connection is

Which makes this the fastest connection I’ve ever had the pleasure to be on, and providing that A&A manage to keep this sort of rate, I’ll be coming back to them whenever I need a new connection, and recommending them to anyone who asks!

New Broadband

Having messed about with ‘normal’ service providers for a while, I decided to go with a more ‘specialist’ provider this time, to save annoyance and frustration.

One of my previous house-mates discovered who do not shape traffic to below the line limitations! Kickass!

I’ll report on how well they do after I’ve lived with them for a bit, but the outlook is awesome! 😀

Oh, and they have some excellently worded T&C:

The internet is a huge network of computers managed and controlled by thousands of separate organisations. Andrews & Arnold Ltd (A&A) do not control the internet. Do not blame A&A if you find things you don’t like.