Kittens (4)

Kitten’s Big Day (Part 1)

Last Saturday, having thought about it for a while, we finally decided to let the cats explore outside a little bit. We still don’t have a cat flap installed, though, so we’re keeping them inside except for when we can be outside with them, and thus keep the sliding door open.

At first, I think they were a little shocked to find that the massive TV they had been watching for the past few weeks was actually a door!

Peeking Outside

Peeking Outside

Naturally, Kashka took the lead, scouting out the flower bed/lawn immediately outside the sliding doors. She has such an intense face when she’s checking something out… 😐

Checking everything out!

Checking everything out!

Malcolm remained unconvinced.



He’s such a softie anyway – he pretty much always lets his sister go first. I’m not sure if that’s sensible, or that he’s just worried about everything!

But, after much encouragement from Liz, Kashka and I, both Malcolm and his sister began to peer outside, and started getting interested in what was going on. Especially when the wind rustled the grass!

Well, if Mum says it's ok...

Well, if Mum says it’s ok…





Well, if the girls are doing it...

Well, if the girls are doing it…

Onwards to adventure! Part two will be coming when I have a moment to edit the photos.

Kitten Cam Offline

I’ve elected to turn off the kitten camera for the time being, as the kittens (more proto-cats now) are now so active that the camera angles almost never capture them, leading to a rather boring view of our dining room.

If the cats decide that they’re going to sleep somewhere predictable, I’ll reinstate the camera hardware – bandwidth permitting – but for now, both cameras are offline.

Thanks to the many, MANY (oh God so many pageviews!) folks who dropped by to see the kittens, and Kashka, Meeville and Malcolm (the cats), as well as Liz and I thank you all.

I’ll post photographs and updates on their progress here in the future.

Malcolm and I

Malcolm and I – Yes, he’s the same kitten as in the banner!

Kitten Cam Updates

Sorry for those of you unable to connect to the kitten camera. The DNS address can’t keep up with the IP changes on our line, so I’ve swapped to just the IP raw on the streams for now.

Hopefully this should fix the stream for everyone now.

See The Kitten Camera page for any and all camera streams.

The Kitten Cam!

The Kitten Camera – LIVE!

More views (in case the kittens aren’t in the box can be found here!)

Very recently, the cat we had “adopted” (read: “who had adopted us”) gave birth two three tiny kittens, and one not-so-tiny kitten.

Because various people wanted to see photos or videos of the kittens, I’ve put up the Kitten Camera so all can see them pseudo-live (there’s a delay of a few seconds or so).

For those interested, the hardware used is:

  • A Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux for ARM
  • A Microsoft VX-800 ‘Life Cam’
  • One 4G SD Card
  • One 8G USB drive
  • A fairly beefy phone charger to power the lot

I intended to use the official Raspberry Pi camera to do this with multiple Pi’s, but ParcelForce failed to deliver them in time, so the vx-800 will have to do until the better cameras are delivered.