Electric Motorbike (2)

Stripping the Bike Back

The Kittens - Helping

The Kittens – Helping

I started stripping back the bike to remove the now-defunct internal combustion components. TheĀ engine, gearbox, air filter, oil tank and battery all had to go, along with their associated hoses and connections, including the clutch cable.

Two stroke Power!

Two stroke Power!

So began the various stages…

Decoupling the Engine

Decoupling the Engine

…casing, wires, etc…

Disconnecting Bowden Tubes/Rods

Disconnecting Bowden Tubes/Rods

…clutch cable…

Clutch Disconnected

… and onwards to the bigger components, next time.

The Electric Motorbike

So… I now own a motorbike.

My Honda H100S-J

Specifically, a “Honda H100-S2”, which I intend to convert to be purely electric for my commute to and from work.