Site Stuff (7)

Random Web Radio Station

To pull a random radio station from my stream list, using vlc, jshon and curl on the terminal, enter the following:

cvlc $(curl -s | jshon -e $(shuf -i 0-`curl -s | tr -cd ‘{‘ | wc -c` -n 1) -e stream -u)

It’s not terribly efficient, but what the heck, it’s only ran once per radio station 🙂

Continuing Server Updates

Second reboot as part of continuing upgrades to the server – double the RAM now!

As always, let me know if anything broke during the upgrade.

Server Updates

Server rebooted at 1am as part of the update process.

As usual, let me know if anyone has any issues.

A New Look

Decided I needed a change on the site, something that would work across devices and screen sizes, that wasn’t fixed-width and had a more article-y feel to it.


This is what I found on the wordpress theme list, an it is close to those goals, but not quite there yet. Expect some alterations for a while, but I think this is much nicer than before!

Virtual Machine Relocation

I’ve recently relocated the virtual machine that runs the sites I host, if anyone has any trouble, can they report it to me pronto, that way I can take down the old machine sooner.


Server Upgrade

I just did a server upgrade – if anyone spots anything that’s broken/in the process of breaking, tell me!

The Downloads Page

I kept telling myself that I should put stuff I write up on my site, but never actually got around to doing it.

Finally, I have a way of getting (semi) useful stuff I’ve written up for people to look at (and/or laugh at, whatever) and it can be found via the shiny new ‘Public Files’  link at the top of this page, or by following this link.

If anyone finds any use for any of this, or have any problems with compiling/running something, drop me a comment and I might look into it, depending on available time.