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The Electric Motorbike

So… I now own a motorbike.

My Honda H100S-J

Specifically, a “Honda H100-S2”, which I intend to convert to be purely electric for my commute to and from work.

The Kitten Cam!

The Kitten Camera – LIVE!

More views (in case the kittens aren’t in the box can be found here!)

Very recently, the cat we had “adopted” (read: “who had adopted us”) gave birth two three tiny kittens, and one not-so-tiny kitten.

Because various people wanted to see photos or videos of the kittens, I’ve put up the Kitten Camera so all can see them pseudo-live (there’s a delay of a few seconds or so).

For those interested, the hardware used is:

  • A Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux for ARM
  • A Microsoft VX-800 ‘Life Cam’
  • One 4G SD Card
  • One 8G USB drive
  • A fairly beefy phone charger to power the lot

I intended to use the official Raspberry Pi camera to do this with multiple Pi’s, but ParcelForce failed to deliver them in time, so the vx-800 will have to do until the better cameras are delivered.

Hamilton ‘beta’ now on the Android market

The title says it all! Grab it using the link below (select from a mobile device to automatically launch the market).

More information available here.

Available in Android Market


I’m getting ready to release ‘Hamilton’, a file browser for Android 3.0+ devices, and as such, have thrown together a page on it for linking.



New Broadband

Having messed about with ‘normal’ service providers for a while, I decided to go with a more ‘specialist’ provider this time, to save annoyance and frustration.

One of my previous house-mates discovered http://aaisp.net.uk/ who do not shape traffic to below the line limitations! Kickass!

I’ll report on how well they do after I’ve lived with them for a bit, but the outlook is awesome! 😀

Oh, and they have some excellently worded T&C:

The internet is a huge network of computers managed and controlled by thousands of separate organisations. Andrews & Arnold Ltd (A&A) do not control the internet. Do not blame A&A if you find things you don’t like.