Electric Motorcycle

Note - still populating these pages at the moment. Links may be broken -John.

I'm slowly converting a 1987 Honda H100 S2 to electric propulsion. My current halting point is mountings and frame fabrication (I need a new MIG welder, too...)

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Bench testing the motor, controller and battery bank.

With the motor and throttle mounted on the bike, I test if it can actually pull me at all - turns out it really, really can... I barely touch the throttle at all here.

Running the motor up to full speed with the back wheel off the ground. Yes I know the chain tension is terrible; I was in a rush to get the video, and forgot to set the tension adjustment.


When I have time I'll populate these with details of the various aspects of the build - this is just a placeholder for now.

Controller / ThrottleDetails
Charger / ChargingDetails


If you're crazy enough to have a go at this yourself, here are some useful links to source parts from, as I couldn't find a good link directory when I was searching.

Just a list of interesting parts and links that might be useful for this project

Design Sketches

Random design sketches from the project, some were used to build actual parts, others are just my brain on paper.