5.25" Gauge Tram Engine

I'm a long-time member of the South Cheshire Model Engineering Society (SCMES) and along with my Dad we designed and built an electric tram engine loosely based on plans published in the Model Engineer magazine.

I happened to have a Bosch 750W motor PMAG motor from another project, and this was used to drive the tram along with a standard 12v car battery. Consequently, with the gear ratio we used, the output power is around 1 horsepower, but the tram barely weighs anything by model engineering standards, so has a hard time putting any of that power down.

One day, I'll get the time to include some form of traction control loop in with the electronics to mitigate the wheel-slip caused by even the tiniest bit of over throttle.

Photos to come of the (slightly sketchy) interior.