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To Build a SmartWatch… (Part 1)

Having seen the fuss around smart watche, I wondered exactly how difficult would it be to build one from scratch? All the technology usually packed in to one of the current generation of watches is widely available in breakout board form or equivalent, which brought me to another thought: “How far can I get without […]


Calendar Arc Watch Face

Over the weekend, I hit two ‘firsts’ for me at the same time. One; I published my first Android Wear app! and Two; I published my first paid app!     I’ve owned a Moto360 for a while, and was slightly disappointed that there were no watch faces that adequately displayed what my calendar looked […]


“On accident”

For some reason, since September 2004 people have suddenly started using `on accident’ rather than `by accident’ – what the hell happened in September 2004?

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Trip to Gent – Belgium

I’ve been sent off to Gent by the university to a review meeting for one of the projects I’m associated with. Luckily, before the meeting I have a spare day to grab some photographs and wander about the place. Here are just a few, in no particular order. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of […]

Kashka, creeping in the undergrowth on her first day outside (since coming to us)

Kitten’s Big Day (Part 1)

Last Saturday, having thought about it for a while, we finally decided to let the cats explore outside a little bit. We still don’t have a cat flap installed, though, so we’re keeping them inside except for when we can be outside with them, and thus keep the sliding door open. At first, I think […]


Fixing the HTC One X’s WiFi

I picked up an OEM HTC One X, and unfortunately, at some point, my device must have taken a knock causing the WiFi antenna to be less effective, dropping it’s effective range.
This is how I attempted to fix it.

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Pulling Colours From The CheerLights API on Linux

I’m trying to do a new project associated with the CheerLights project every year, and this time, I’m using a Raspberry Pi to pull the last set of colours from the ioBridge server. I’ll be putting a full write-up about the project itself up on here soon, but I’m still waiting for a few parts […]


Kitten Cam Offline

I’ve elected to turn off the kitten camera for the time being, as the kittens (more proto-cats now) are now so active that the camera angles almost never capture them, leading to a rather boring view of our dining room. If the cats decide that they’re going to sleep somewhere predictable, I’ll reinstate the camera […]

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Arduino Batch Tool Prototype, version 1.2

I’ve been poking around in my batch tool, and have been pushing what you can do in the Processing IDE‘s add-on tool framework (turns out, not that much that’s every interesting without doing some fun Java hackery!). With some slightly fancy trickery, the Arduino Editor now looks like this: Yes, this is all loaded from […]


Kitten Cam Updates

Sorry for those of you unable to connect to the kitten camera. The DNS address can’t keep up with the IP changes on our line, so I’ve swapped to just the IP raw on the streams for now. Hopefully this should fix the stream for everyone now. See The Kitten Camera page for any and […]