Chicago Photography

I don’t have any decent cameras, just my mobile phone (Currently a Google Pixel 5), but sometimes I do manage to get a half-decent shot or two. In this case, these are all from my trip to IDC’23 from wandering around the city after the presentations.

Coming from Lancaster, where there aren't many tall buildings, what struck me in particular was the sheer number of floors on every building.

One of the things that I found a bit disconcerting was how often you’ll be at the foot of very tall buildings all around you, which has a very similar feeling as to being at the bottom of a deep valley. I’m a bit more used to open spaces, so the overall effect was a bit claustrophobic, something which I’m not normally afflicted with.

The classic panorama shot, showing the buildings river and boats. Taken from the railings on the river just outside the Apple store at the riverside.
Another classic shot of the overhead metro.
Lots of boat trips on the river in Chicago. The conference organisers actually organised one that I could have gone on, but the costs were a bit prohibitive, unfortunately.
In the plazas near the riverside there are quite a few statues. Unfortunately I didn't have time to read the plaque about this one, only having enough time to snap a photo or two and dash off.

We wandered out of the city a little midway through the trip, going to one of the restaurants in an area known for amazing Mexican food (it was!) but it also exposed us to a little of the behind the scenes.

A little behind the scenes; an alleyway stretching off into the distance