I passed! I'm now John Vidler, PhD!

I am an RA, and TA Coordinator for the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University. My PhD supervisors were Andrew Scott and Paul Rayson When I'm not dealing with the lab teaching support of SCC's 55 modules, I might be streaming on

My previous research work and projects have spanned mechanical and electronic engineering, mobile development, software engineering, wireless networking, network infrastructures, linguistics, high-performance computing and operating system design.

My teaching activities have ranged from lab support through course planning and lecturing with all year groups at the university. My current focus is on management, scaling and structuring of the courses as the department continues to grow.

In December of 2017, I was awarded the Science and Technology Dean’s Award - Early Career Teacher of the Year (Note to self; photo here)

I also currently hold an MSci in Computer Science (with Industrial Placement) from SCC.

I can be contacted by eMail at, or GitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn (not checked all that often...)


TA/Lab Support for...

  • SCC.110 - Software Development
  • SCC.120 - Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • SCC.150 - Digital Systems
  • SCC.201 - Databases
  • SCC.203 - Computer Networks
  • SCC.211 - Operating Systems
  • SCC.212 - Advanced Programming
  • SCC.311 - Distributed Systems
  • SCC.312 - Languages and Compilation
  • SCC.361 - Artificial Intelligence
  • SCC.363 - Security and Risk
  • SCC.365 - Advanced Networking
  • SCC.369 - Embedded Systems

Lectured on...

2016-2017SCC.110 - Software Development
SCC.120 - Computing Fundimentals
SCC.312 - Languages and Compilers
SCC.361 - Artificial Intelligence
2017-2018SCC.110 - Software Development
SCC.312 - Languages and Compilers
SCC TA Training Sessions
Widening Participation Seminars
2018-2019SCC.110 - Software Development
SCC.212 - Advanced Programming
SCC.312 - Languages and Compilers
2019-2020SCC.212 - Advanced Programming
SCC.312 - Languages and Compilers


I have supervised a small number of students at undergraduate level, and have sat as a second marker in MSc/MSci Viva sessions.

2017Aiden Lennie (BSc, First Class, Completed)
Sam Vinall (MSci Data Science, First Class, Completed)
2019Aiden Morton (MSci with Industrial Experience, First Class, Completed)
Alex Bentley (MSci with Industrial Experience, First Class, Completed)


Find me on Google Scholar here: Google Scholar Profile

ORCID iD icon
Pre 2014 - BSc DissertationHigh Throughput Broadcast Bursts in Embedded NetworksPDF
Pre 2014 - MSci DissertationPrototype PointAt Tracking Unit DevelopmentPDF
2014Dealing with big data outside of the cloud: GPU accelerated sortLink
2014Report on Protocol Models & Validation and VerificationLink
2014D-1.3 report on runtime assuranceLink
2015Poster: Resilience of the Internet: the Case of the BGP BackboneLink
2015Cyber security controls effectiveness: a qualitative assessment of cyber essentialsLink
2015D-4.4 Final Integrated Prototype and ExperimentLink
2015Shapeclip: towards rapid prototyping with shape-changing displays for designersLink
2015Estimating node lifetime in interference environmentsLink
2016LoRa for the Internet of ThingsLink
2016It bends but would it break? topological analysis of bgp infrastructures in europeLink
2017A Characterization of Actuation Techniques for Generating Movement in Shape-Changing InterfacesLink
2017Keeping Properties with the Data CL-MetaHeaders-An Open SpecificationLink
2019Basic Cyber Hygiene: Does It Work?Link


OSDev Mini-ClusterComplete
LoRa Radio Infrastructure and BeaconsOngoing
3D Printed Parts (Various)OngoingDetails

Mechanical Engineering

~20135.25" Gauge Tram EngineDetails
2016 - presentElectric MotorcycleDetails


My sometimes acceptable attempts at freewriting, usually based on topics via Twitter and my insane imagination.

TitleOriginal InspirationCollected Version
SCC Noir TwitterDetails
w.r.t Michael BubléTwitterDetails